Speaker Repair Examples

Here are a few examples of our work



This is a Jensen P15L 15" out of a Leslie Speaker cabinet rebuilt to look and function as new again. This is what is referred to as a "stamped frame speaker".

A rebuilt Eminence 15" OEM speaker out of an Ampeg bass amplifier.

This is a rebuilt Oxford 12T-6 (Fender Twin reverb)

A rebuilt 10" Stamped frame SWR bass driver.

This is a JBL 2241 18" Low frequency driver rebuilt to look and function as new. This speaker is referred to as a "cast frame" style speaker.


 Early 60's Vox Blue Bulldog

Basket cleaned and prepared for reconing

Reconed to original specs

 After rebuild



Side view of new parts

Feel free to call or email with any questions concerning your repair, and be sure to fill out our speaker repair form prior to sending your speakers in. You'll find all the necessary information at the link below.

Tonetronix Speaker Repair Form