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Tonetronix Speaker Repair Service

Tonetronix specializes in new and vintage speaker repair. Our services include reconing, refoaming woofers, lead replacement, dust cap replacement, magnet alignment and more. We offer speaker repair and recone for lines such as; Altec, JBL, EV, Eminence, Jensen, Oxford, Utah, CTS, Celestion, Peavey® and many more. If you would like to send a speaker in to be repaired, please print and fill out our speaker repair form and send it in with your item to be repaired. If you have any questions regarding pricing for your speaker, you may contact us for further information. When requesting a price quote, please list all numbers located on the cone and frame of the speaker to be repaired, along with the size of the speaker. The Speaker Repair Form Must be completed & included with your speaker in order for us to process your repair.

Pricing on all JBL™, Fender-JBL, Altec™, EV™, Peavey™ and other cast frame models, will vary depending on cost of parts. Please contact us with speaker brand and model for accurate pricing on all cast frame models. All models will be repaired to meet original specifications unless otherwise specified by the customer.  We at Tonetronix are very aware that there are many companies that offer reconing services so we invite you to view a few examples of our recone work .

Steel Stamped Frame Speaker Recone prices are as follows for most voice coils up to 1.5". Pricing does not include special application speakers, vintage radio speakers , or high power speakers. This pricing does apply to most stamped frame vintage guitar amplifier speakers. Parts included in a Speaker Rebuild or Reconing include Cone, Gasket, Voice Coil, Spider and Dust cap.

6" Recone- US $55 + return S&H
8" Recone- US $55 + return S&H
10" Recone- US $60 + return S&H
12" Recone- US $65 + return S&H
15" Recone- US $75 + return S&H

Please Contact us for pricing on all coaxial and specialty speakers as they do not fall into the standard stamped frame pricing category.

The following issues are not covered under warranty.
  1. •  Burnt voice coils, Arcing on voice coil (due to amplifier clipping or overdriving)
  2. •  Bent voice coils due to “bottoming out” or over excursion
  3. •  Stressed surrounds (Overdriving)
  4. •  Tears or rips (Abuse)
  5. •  Burnt pigtails (Overpowering)
  6. •  Bent or Warped Baskets & Voice Coil Rub due to droppage, over or improper torque or installation.
  7. •  Sheared Magnets or misaligned pistons.
  8. •  Dust caps that come loose or are blown off due to excessive cone excursion.
  9. •  Dented dust caps
  10. •  Any voice coil rubbing due to irremovable debris left inside magnet gap due to improper customer disassembly. (We recommend leaving a failed speaker assembled prior to shipment to avoid this problem).
  11. •  Any damage due to amplifier malfunction, DC, distortion, power surges, improper use.
  12. •  Damage due to acts of God, lightning, flood, etc.

    Out-of-warranty repair is available by contacting us:
7177 County Line Rd.
Hubbard, Ohio  44425

Business Hours.
Mon & Wed 11:00AM-7:00PM
Tues, Thurs & Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM

JBL™ is a trademark of Harman International, EV™ is a trademark of Telex Corp. Eminence™  is a trademark of Eminence Corp. Peavey™ is a trademark of Peavey Electronics Corp.
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